Some References below or email me now & I can forward some emails with pictures from happy families !!!  ALSO I have some amazing recent references of people hesitant because they have been burned online so email me now 
We do accept deposits for Tax Time /Christmas/ Easter/ Valentine's Day/ Birthday/Graduation/ Vacation but we do prefer you come to our home to pick the puppy out vs over email with pictures if possible ( Depends on distance of course ) & if you like one of the puppies put a deposit
​We will help you surprise your loved one by keeping the puppy till Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day or the Birthday .
​ ----Call us now for more information - we have children so we understand & want to help you make Thanksgiving, Christmas,  Birthday, Anniversary or Graduation or EXTRA special this year !

*** what works best is if you can come to our home and meet the puppies - if you like one you can put deposit & then on Christmas Eve pick the puppy up so you can really surprise the family***​
~~~I just came across the contract for a black yorkie poo that my husband and I purchased from you back in 2006. He was born 12/24/05. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful little dog he is. My husband left me for a co-worker within 2 months of bringing Bentley home and we divorced. It was a horrible time for me and Bentley became such a wonderful companion during this time. When my only child left for visitation with her father, Bentley would come and cuddle with me as I cried myself to sleep. I can't begin to express how much I adore this little guy and wanted to thank you for breeding such a Godsend. I truly believe he was bred just to help me through everything.
He is 9 years old now and still very energetic. A little more gray than he was but so am I. He is a chow hound and has been known to jump and grab food of the kitchen counter. He is amazing at only 11lbs. He greats everyone who comes to the house as if they are visiting only him. He is very loving and very loved.  I am not sure if you really care or not but wanted you to know that you help create a little guy that brought and is still bring much joy to my life!    Thank you   January 9th

Our family has been searching for the perfect puppy for some time now. It seemed like every time we asked a breeder when the next liter was due, all puppies were spoken for. It was on a random work trip that I reached out to find out about the puppy and all pieces fell into place! That day the liter was set to go home. We met up with them and couldn't be happier. My kids were beyond surprised and we love our new family member 'Mulligan'. Thanks so much for a great experience! Nate from Michigan May 2nd​​

​​~~~She is perfect. My husband was a little upset at first but she is so wonderful he hasn't complain about her once. And she sleeps with my son every night and when she gets in he bed she climbs up on him gives him a kiss then gets comfy and goes to sleep. She gets so excited when she sees him, wags her tail and gives him a kiss. I'm so happy, she makes him very happy, it's soooo sweet. You did a wonderful job with her and Gia. I love Gia, she has the greatest personality. Everyone is amazed cause she will let anyone hold her and she kisses everyone. She has really changed my life. My Dr wants her to be my service dog cause she makes me so happy. You raise amazing puppies and I know it's because of the love and care that you give them. Thank you so much.
Amy!! October 17th ~repeat customer~

~~~​​I wasn't sure if you guys like occasional updates on how the pups from you are doing, but I thought I'd send one to let you know everything is going great. We named him Charlie and he's doing fantastic. My son and him are best friends and he's an amazingly good dog. We adore him. Thanks for raising such a great pup! Cassandra March 6th

~~~​​ Hope you can view these pics of Samson.
it's been a while.. We just love Samson. He is part of our family. goes to Va. Beach with us
about 3-4 times a year. My brother and family live there. the one pic is my nephew(from Va. Beach)
with Samson. They just adore each other. The last pic is from today.; Samson's birthday, He
was 5 years old. Of course we went to PetSmart and he got dog food, treats and toys.
I just love Samson, he makes me smile every day. My husband is like mush around Samson. lol
Hope Life is treating you well.
God Bless Darlene, Kevin and "Samson"

~~~​​First Email - I bought a yorkie puppy from you a few months ago and I just wanted to give you an update.He is about 4.5 lbs now and 100% the love of my life. He is very well behaved and such a joy. He is always playing but at the same time a wonderful cuddle partner! haha thank you so much! I wish you luck with the continuation of breeding your dogs. January 6th
       Follow up Email - Just checking in!  still doing wonderful and is still the absolute love of my life. Please find attached my baby who is 4 and half years old now! September 29th

~~~​​Thank you so much for allowing us to raise this little guy. He is just about the cutest pet we have ever seen and are enjoying him immensely. It was certainly a surprise when we met him for the first time early Christmas morning after Brigy and Kathleen brought him home on Christmas Eve. We have been working and researching names for the little fellow. I thought the name 'Fang' would be appropriate but I'm not getting many takers for that one. One that seems to be receiving good reviews is Matyas which means Gift From God in Hebrew, Polish, and Scandinavian. He is doing just fine and seems to be adjusting very, very well. He sleeps well at night, is eating well, and poops a lot. His bowel movements seem to be normal with no​​ indication of diarrhea. We have an appointment with our veterinarian, Doctor B, this Thursday and will send you another e-mail as to his evaluation. We do not expect any problems whatsoever. We have had both dog (puppies), cats (kitties) and tropical fish for many, many years. We currently have a Himalayan Cat (Sirobbie) and the little guy and 'Robbie) are getting along just fine. All for now and thank you again so much for sharing the little guy with our family.
Best regards, John & Kathleen December 28th
Just wanted to let you know that the vet gave Isabelle a clean bill of health. She said that she is just perfect. I can’t tell you how much it means to us to have found a breeder that treats there puppies and dogs as part of the family. There are so many puppy mills out there and it is nice to finally find someone that is reputable. Thank you again. We will definitely call you when we are ready for another new addition to our family.

Nancy      May 14th



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